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Monday, July 03, 2006

Hey happy knitters.

I just finished the show notes for episode 13. They were glorious, I swear. Wonderful pictures, links to fascinating bits of information and what could have possibly been the meaning of life.

You might notice it's not here.

After an hour's work writing the show notes and creating the links, the post disappeared into the void known as "Evil Computer Glitches." I spent another half hour trying to recover or rewrite the post and it didn't work. I couldn't even get pictures to load. Here is were I have decided I accidentally posted the meaning of life. There is obviously a conspiracy to keep me from posting today's notes until after I have forgotten the meaning of life.

I will attempt show notes again tomorrow. Happy 4th of July to all Americans, Happy late Canada day to all of you Canadians, and if you're not covered in one of those have a great day anyways.


  • At Wed Jul 05, 01:40:00 PM, Blogger Joanne said…

    I hope when it cools down, you'll enjoy your Fuzzy Reception Cardi! A friend told me you were knitting it and I was thrilled to have feedback. Thank you!

    Regarding the gauge/yarn shortage issues: Definitely block it when it is cooler--and pin it out to "grow" in the right places...wool and alpaca will stretch. Bodies differ and you want your sweater to fit perfectly. As for running out of Merino Style, I'm sorry to hear this! We test knitted the sweater twice without having this problem...but sometimes these things happen. Perhaps when you knit at a slightly tighter gauge, you used up a bit more yarn? This is possible. If it continues to bug you and you'd rather have the button holes, maybe you can order another ball from Knit Picks to finish things up. Since the Suri Dream has such a fuzzy effect, the dyelot of the Merino Style might not matter so much. Good Luck with it! It was lovely to hear feedback from a knitter of one of my designs. :) Joanne Seiff (pronounced SIGH-EEF, don't worry about this! Lots of folks have trouble with it!)


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