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Monday, June 05, 2006

Episode 10 You Spin Me Right Round

Hey everyone!

Sorry it took a little longer to get this weeks show out! I had a couple of issues to smooth over before I could post. I got temporary fix, so sadly it might happen again next month.

Thank you to everyone who left me comments last week. I love hearing from everyone! For those who asked, I do give a "pattern" for my s'mores socks in this weeks show.

Don't forget World Wide Knit In Public Day, June 10th. If you happen to be on the island I'll be knitting at the starbucks by the Jusco ferris wheel at around 11 am. I will be the frazzled american knitting and guzzling coffee with an impatient 4 year old. If you don't live on the island, find a knit together near you, and show your sticks!

This week I talked all about spinning. It wasn't the easiest thing I have ever learned, but I got some help from here and The Spindles. I found my fiber and spindle here.

On my spindle is my next mini skein. I used a dusty purple, a dusty pink and a purply maroon.

I haven't finished yet, but it's going now.

The winner of the frappr map drawing was Melissa from San Jose, Ca. Congratulations!!!

I also announced the next contest, which will get it's own special post in a couple of days. This next contest is for 880 yards of hand painted lace weight merino wool yarn. It is in light green and tan. I think it looks very natural, and pretty. To win this yarn, send me a message or post a comment with the best stupid advice you ever got, something you already knew, but needed to be reminded about. Make sure you pass on your wisdom before June 15th. You don't have long this time!

My reviews were more of a list of referances this week.

Spin it! by Lee Raven found hererecieved a rating of CD Spindle. It's great for a beginner, but if you want to get serious about spinning, you'll need to upgrade later.

Spin Off Magazine was rated with 2 lbs of merino wool roving. A lot of good quality stuff there, but a little intimidating to a beginner.

Spindlicty an online magazine was given 2 ounces of bright colored roving. Cheerful, fun and informative, without being scary.

The Spindles some wonderful people are the finest cashmere or the softest silk. They are a wonderful group and I am proud to be a part of them.

Thank you everyone! Until next time!


  • At Tue Jun 06, 06:13:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I have really enjoyed your podcasts. The most recent one on spindling came at the perfect time. The yarn you spun looks wonderful! I have been trying to spindle and have had zero progress. Or maybe negative progress since I am ruining my roving. With your sucess I am going to try again!

  • At Tue Jun 06, 08:39:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks for announcing the yarn contest winner (me!) before the podcast was up. It is downloading right now so I look forward to listening to it in a few minutes. Can't wait to receive the prize yarn - it looks beautiful and it will likely become a pair of socks for my daughter since it is her favorite colors. Thanks so much!

  • At Wed Jun 07, 05:01:00 AM, Anonymous Eric said…

    Wow great podcasts! I have no idea which site refered me to you. I downloaded podcast #2 and started listening. Even before the end I quickly started downloading all of your episodes. Thank you for sharing your view of the world!

    I too have children and work and your comments about patience are great reminders. I loved your mothersday podcast. Thank you again.

  • At Sun Jun 11, 09:12:00 PM, Anonymous Liza NYC said…

    Shannon -- I'm enjoying your podcasts and particularly appreciate your sharing your honest reactions to the ups and downs of motherhood. When I had children Joanna's age I found so much support and relief from my fellow mothers on the park bench. Without them to discuss all those feelings "good" mothers aren't "supposed" to have (HA!) I would have gone cuckoo! It's the hardest job there is and 4 year olds (my favorite source is Gesell on the stages of child development) are NO picnic.
    Welcome to the world of spinning. It sounds as though you finding many resources. Grafton Fibers also has some tutorials. For those who like to sit cross-legged there's always Navajo Spinning.... I'm so glad you found Mielke's Farm for spinning supplies. If you can dial 800 numbers from the base, I'd try calling Andrea Mielke, one of the three owners, for advice. She'll never sell you anything that wouldn't be appropriate. I took a 3-day intermediate spinning workshop at MAFA last summer with Andrea and learned a whole lot. Her brother Adam makes spindles to drool over. SpinOff serves the entire spinning community but you're right -- there isn't much for those just starting out. Perhaps you could suggest to the nice people at Interweave to put in a column with links, suggestions, etc. in each issue for newbies. Keep up the good work.

  • At Tue Jun 13, 05:41:00 AM, Anonymous Knitter Margaret said…

    Hi Shannon -

    Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this episode, in particular, and how much I enjoy your podcast, all the time. Your spindling experience sounds so much like mine - a very steep learning curve, but eventually it falls into place- kind of. I have a wheel that I love and have been spinning on for years, but I have to tell you, learning to spindle just recently was a real challenge. Frankly, I'm pretty horrible at it and I sort of fled back to my wheel to reassure myself that I can still spin. I will keep persevering on the spindle, though, because I love the portability of it... Keep up the great work - I'm sure you put alot of time and effort into planning your podcast's and it all comes off beautifully! :-)

  • At Mon Jun 19, 06:23:00 PM, Blogger Cindy said…

    Your podcast on spinning made me get my spinning wheel out again for another try at learning to spin. I also took your advise and went to spendlers for help. A lady named Bonnie was wonderful. Thanks for the inspiration and keep up the good work.


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