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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hello again! Happy mother’s day to all those motherly knitters!

This week I talked about my wonderful mother. She truly is the best human ever, and I am so lucky to have her.

I didn’t do any new knitting this week, I’m almost done with my toe up socks from last week, and I might have finished them but I dyed some yarn, and spent a lot of the week untangling it. I also got some new yarn from Knit Picks, the red is my new sock yarn, the blue an alpaca silk blend, and the pink is 100% baby alpaca. There is a ball of red-ish yarn that I wasn’t too happy with, and the ball of green was an experiment in self-striping for Joanna. On the side is my rip-off of the lemonade yarn from episode 1 of the Craftborg. I kind of like the yarn, but it has slightly uneven shading, and has been awful to detangle.

I also talked a little about a contest for free hand painted yarn. I dyed a special skein of yarn for this using Knit Picks Color Your Own. This is 440 yards of 100% Merino wool. It’s still drying as I post this, so I’ll do another post tomorrow with a picture. If you want to win this yarn, look to the side of this post and click on the frapper map. Stick your pin in, and listen the first week of June to see if you’re a winner.

I also asked if anyone would be interested in sending yarn for future contests. I’m looking for yarn with stories. If you bought the yarn, why did you buy it? Does it make you think of anything? Did the color remind you of anything? Is it your favorite kind? Why do you like it? If you dyed the yarn, or spun the yarn, what made you do it? If you think you might want to send your story yarn, for another lucky knitter to try let me know. Leave a comment or contact me on the side, and I’ll talk about it a little more next week.

I did two reviews, The Shop On Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber, which I loved, and the magazine, Family Circle Easy Knitting for Spring/Summer 2006 which I didn’t.

I’m not sure if I’ll have a full show next week, but I’ll come back with some more details on how to win the yarn, and maybe a little about how to send yarn for future drawings.
Happy knitting all!


  • At Tue May 16, 11:21:00 PM, Anonymous JulieB said…

    I really enjoy your podcast. You have a nice, easy manner and I do enjoy the variety of stuff you talk about.

    I have only one request (and I'm not technical, so I don't know how you do this) - can you soften the volume peaks a little? There are the odd sounds that you make (p's mostly I think) that come out quite loudly in comparison to the rest of the sound level.

    It's certainly not bad enough to make me stop listening! It's just mildly irritating at worst.

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