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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hi All!

I am so sorry about the Episode 2. I mentioned I was working with a headache, and I figured a rough podcast was better than none at all. I was wrong! I have reloaded episode 2. I think there is now 3 different versions out, so I guess that should tell you how incredible un-techie I am! The full episode is now out, as Episode 2 Again. Sorry about that, and thank you Shannon in Michigan for letting me know it hadn't loaded the entire episode!

This does give me a chance to try loading pictures onto the blog though. If the pictures don't turn out, then enjoy some neat captions, and pretend you see pictures.

I tried to post a picture of my brown and blue striped socks, I don't remember what brand the yarn was, but the green bag in the background is from lantern moon.

The adorable girl in the striped socks is my daughter, Joanna. Those are the kool aid socks we dyed together.

I also tried to post a picture of my Chill Out Cardigan. I don't know if the pattern picture is big enough to see, but I swear, the picture is cute!

Well, until next time! Hopefully Episode 3 will go smoothly!


  • At Wed Apr 12, 03:53:00 AM, Blogger Maura said…

    Again, nice podcast. You are so lucky to have APO boxes to take advantage of. Since KnitPicks doesn't ship internationally, I have to have anything I order forwarded to me by friends and family stateside. Thankfully, Japanese knitting stores are fabulous, and my stash exhancing visits to the states have been fruitful!

    Let me know if you make it north! The New Otani Hotel in Tokyo (run by the US Navy) is a fabulous hotel, recently rennovated, and a bargain (epecially at Tokyo prices!). I'd be happy to take you on a Tokyo yarn crawl.

    Maura in Sendai, Japan.


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