Young mother, and avid knitter working her way through life, one pair of socks at a time.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Welcome back everyone!

Well, I had a lot of fun planning my show this week. I recorded first thing in the morning, so I hope my voice isn't to sleepy. Joanna helped me to edit this morning, so I hope it came out okay. She got a little bored, but what else do you expect from a four year old.

Well, I talked about patience today. I would love to teach Joanna to knit, so she might learn a little patience. She's four, so naturally she wants everything now, now, NOW! She loves yarn, and has her own needles now, so she's on her way to learning. For now she asks me to knit her socks, sweaters, blankets and teddy bears.

I have had to use patience a lot in being a mother, and it has not been easy for me. I am most certainly not a patient person by nature. Knitting has helped me to focus a lot on the process of life, taking things one step at a time. As lessons go, this is one of the best. I'm learning patience, and getting nifty socks.

On my needles this week I knit a small stack of washclothes. It was a lot of fun, I was able to use mostly leftover scrap cotton, and make some cute cloths. I never thought knitting for function could be so much fun.

I did one review this week, Knitting, A Novel by Anne Bartlett. There were some good parts to this book, her descriptions of the yarn and knitted projects were so vivid I ended up with serious yarn envy. However, I really didn't like the main charecter, Sandra. Reading an entire book about a person who I would not hang out with if she was real, wasn't exactally my idea of a good time, so the review wasn't too flattering on that aspect.

I also did two Podcast mentions, Irie Knits, and Math4Knitters. Both of these were very good, and you should definately give them a listen.

Lastly I sent out a small plea for help. I cast on a pair of toe up socks just before recording, and I am trying to find a pattern for the heel, that isn't an afterthought heel. I have a couple of ideas, but I'm looking for some other ideas as well.

Well, that was all this week. Thanks for listening!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Hi everyone! Thank's for tuning back in, or at least stopping by. I almost didn't record this week. A silent house is so rare here! I'm glad I did though. This week I talked about some of my stashing down falls. If you look above you can see my wonderful yarn storage area. For those of you shuddering, I'm right there with you. I hope to be able to post a picture of a well organized stash soon. It will probably be a month or so, but I swear I'm trying to reform. I did babble on for a while about my stashing woes, but as I bought more yarn yesterday, and am anxiously awaiting some more yarn from knit picks I guess my stashing conquers all.

I didn't have anything new on my needles this week. I worked a lot on catching up on a quilt for Joanna this week. I need to do 8 more squares after that one, and that's before I can sew the quilt together and start the actual quilting. I'm glad I didn't wait to start my Christmas crafts. It's April, and I'm already a bit behind. Oops! I did finish my koigu socks between recording and posting, though I'm pretending those are someone else's legs pictured. If you don't believe it was my imaginary friends legs, then I'll try bad angle. The socks are nice and comfy, soft, but I'm not sure if I'm a Koigu convert yet. It's hard to be super excited over hand wash socks. I'll have to force myself to actually wear them, knowing the work I'll need to put into washing them.

I did a very lengthy review of Mason Dixon Knitting. I do babble for a while about all of the projects I'll try from it, and why I like the book. If you're a busy person, the short cut version, buy the book. It's worth it. I also reviewed Lily Sugar n'Cream cotton yarn. I've used this yarn for a bunch of things, and I never get tired of it. I've used it for baby hat's and booties and am going to clean out some of it in my stash for washcloths. It's good yarn for only a little cost.

I also talked a little about my brillant idea gone over done. I was thinking of doing a log cabin pattern afghan. I thought it would be a fun, original idea. I opened Mason Dixon Knitting, and saw my blanket. I hope I'm not the only one who is less than original sometimes! Tell me what idea you thought was brilliant until you saw it had been done before.

Well, I should have another show next week. Hope you'll tune back in!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Welcome back everyone!

This episode seems to have gone much better than the last, but my testing isn't quite over. Hopefully I manage to get the full episode there. I know my editing is a little rough still. I don't have a lot of time for take after take, or quiet for that matter. I kind of have to make due with what I get from take one with a little editing. I know it makes the flow off in some points, but I'm working on it! This episode was a lot longer than the others I have done. I guess it's easy to talk a lot when you love what you are talking about.

My stash is something I truly love. Each ball of yarn is full of possiblities and memories that nothing could replace. Today I have pictures of my sock yarn up. That's right, only my sock yarn. I will get to my other yarns next week, as well as some of the dark side of stashing. The bottom picture is my darling daughter with my palette collection from These are my favorite yarns from my stash right now. I love the colors, but I'm almost afraid to use any of them yet. As soon as I use one, I won't have it anymore. I know, I know I can buy more, but I love having the entire collection to choose from.

Up top I have a picture of Joanna with all of my sock yarn. She was helping me to drag it all out, and insisted on modeling. I also have an adorable picture of her hugging my yarn. She is indeed a child after my heart. As we worked with my yarn she started asking if she could have her own stash. Of course she doesn't knit yet, but she knows good stuff when she finds it. When she suggested sharing my stash I did have to get a little firm. Maybe we don't need to have knitting in common.

I also have a picture of my Koigu socks up. They are working up very nicely, smooth and with a lot of texture. I don't think the picture quite captures the subtle color changes in the yarn. At some points it is a darker blue, at others almost pink and others still a soft lavender. They colors flow seemlessly from one to another, almost as waves in the ocean. I really cannot describe the beauty of this yarn, the color waves are simply magnificent.

I reviewed two books this week. Compassionate Knitting by Tara Jon Manning, which received high honors. I love the natural spirtuality of the book, and how she spoke of colors having an impact on what she knit. I will be knitting several patterns from this book. It's only downside was a lack of color pictures. They were there, but in a very small dose.

Book two was Knitting Into The Mystery by Susan S. Jorgensen and Susan S. Izard. I think I killed their names on the show, but I did try. This book was not quite my style. It seemed geared more towards knitting groups than an individual. It does however have a lot of interesting information and stories about knitting prayer shawls. If you want to knit just one for one person, don't bother with this book. Think good thoughts as you knit and buy some nicer yarn with your money. I don't mean to be mean, it is a good book, but it wasn't what I was looking for.

Lastly I did a podcast spotlight. I don't knit to music, but I love knittunes. Maura has managed to perfectly capture the essence of a stitch or style of stitches in music. The collections she has are perfectly suited to different types of knitting, and beyond that are just good tunes. I never would have thought a person could capture knitting in music, but she has found great music to knit to.

Well, that is all for now. I hope everyone enjoyed my extended show, I know too much of me is probably a little annoying. I'm not sure if this longer length will continue. I guess we'll have to see how much of me you can stand!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hi All!

I am so sorry about the Episode 2. I mentioned I was working with a headache, and I figured a rough podcast was better than none at all. I was wrong! I have reloaded episode 2. I think there is now 3 different versions out, so I guess that should tell you how incredible un-techie I am! The full episode is now out, as Episode 2 Again. Sorry about that, and thank you Shannon in Michigan for letting me know it hadn't loaded the entire episode!

This does give me a chance to try loading pictures onto the blog though. If the pictures don't turn out, then enjoy some neat captions, and pretend you see pictures.

I tried to post a picture of my brown and blue striped socks, I don't remember what brand the yarn was, but the green bag in the background is from lantern moon.

The adorable girl in the striped socks is my daughter, Joanna. Those are the kool aid socks we dyed together.

I also tried to post a picture of my Chill Out Cardigan. I don't know if the pattern picture is big enough to see, but I swear, the picture is cute!

Well, until next time! Hopefully Episode 3 will go smoothly!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Welcome Back everyone!

First off, sorry my editing was a bit off, I was editing with a headache, so I know I missed some things! Second, a thanks to everyone who stopped by and left comments, it's great to know people are listening. I have added a link to my podcast feed, so I hope everyone who wants to is able to listen now. I'm still learning how to do this, so please tell me if I'm missing something!

This last week I recieved another knitting injury. I now have a sore on my finger where I poke it with the needles over and over in the same spot. Naturally this will eventually begin to hurt. Badly. After a while it goes bakc to normal, but it leaves me unable to work socks for a little while.

This made me think of all of the other knitting casualties there are. Running out of yarn, accidental felting, and of course stolen needles. So, what is your worst or wierdest knitting injury?

On my needles I have a sweater, the Bernat Chill Out Cardigan. It's worked with Bling Bling yarn which is a glittery fur yarn, with little fabric pieces. I know the yarn sounds bad, and it doesn't work much better. I still like the pattern, but I'm afraid to finish it. I'm pretty sure all the knitting resentment is being saved in the stiches of that sweater. I like the pattern still, but if I ever try it again, I am working it with a different yarn!

I also have a simple pair of striped socks on right now. I'm trying to finish them in order to move on to working a pair of socks with my new koigu yarn. I have never used Koigu before, so I'll let you know next week how it's going. Let me know if you have a opinion on Koigu.

Lastly my reviews. Both got a rousing 2 needles up, or I guess since they are sock related they should get 4 needles. Firstly, I recently aquired Vogue Knitting On The Go Socks Two. I love making socks, so new ideas are always good. I'm planning on doing a pair with the pattern from the cover for Joanna, and I am dieing to try the 2 needle socks.
I also reviewed the Simple Stripes Sock Yarn from I love the colors, and the fact that they ship to APO boxes. They work up very easy on size 1-3 needles, and the socks wash very well.

Well, That's all for this time! I'm going to try this week to get pictures on my site, so hopefully by next time I'll be able to show you what I'm talking about.