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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Socks and Sock Yarn

I reached an important point a short time ago. I have now knitted myself enough pairs of socks I no longer need to wear store bought socks on a regular basis. There are of course factors making this possible.

1) I almost never wear shoes. I mean I'm a stay at home mother. If all I need to do outside one day is check the mail, I'll wear flip-flops.

2) I do a lot of laundry. I only have 4 pairs of socks I wear, 2 regular weight, 2 thick woolly warm ones. I normally buy superwash wool for my socks, and I have a load of laundry I can throw a pair of socks in at least every other day.

3)My husband will not wear anything hand knitted. I know, this is a tragedy. A devote knitter married to someone who will not wear hand knit items. I did consider divorce, but it does leave me more time to knit for myself, and others who will truely appreciate it.

4)My daughter's feet are very small. I can make socks for a four year old very quickly.

In spite of this momentous occasion, I still have a large problem with my sock knitting. It is my obsession, and the down fall of my stash. That's right. SOCK YARN.

I will freely admitt, I am a sock yarn addict. How could a knitter not love sock yarns? They come in every color of the rainbow. They are easy to find and generally inexpensive. Most importantly, they are cute!! Pre-patterned yarns! The hard work is already done for you, making it easy to make cute socks even when you can't bring the pattern with you.

The problem with socks yarns is their mind bending ability to seduce you into buying more. You always need to buy at least two skeins or hanks in one color, and each pattern always comes in several colors. Usually if I like one color, I am going to like them all, so I need two of each color. This can lead to a serious storage problem.

Of course the sock yarn always manages to convince me my husband will never notice a few more skeins. Worse than that, the yarn is always right.


  • At Fri Mar 31, 08:21:00 PM, Blogger Olive Oyl/Pensguys said…

    Oh, how I KNOW that "voice" calling from the sock yarn! LOL I ordered yarn to make a baby sweater and hat the other I HAD to throw in some sock yarn to get the free shipping! ;)


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