Young mother, and avid knitter working her way through life, one pair of socks at a time.

Monday, August 07, 2006

ALright it has been two weeks, and I still have no notes from my last podcast. I had some blogger issues the night I posted the podcast, and then I got very busy with my family in town. All I can really say in my defense is I have been a bad pocaster. Bad knitter, no new yarn for me.

As a peace offering, until the full notes are put up, here is a very recent picture of me and my daughter taken at Shuri Castle here in Okinawa Japan. It is not the best picture of me, but since my loving husband did not take this one, you get more than just my rear end.

I hope to have everything back to normal soon, with the show notes from my last show, and another show coming out this week.

It's nice to be back(ish)!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Alright, I don't know who the wise guy is, but I am having issues with posting pictures today. I know I promised a picture of me, as well as pictures of my knitting, but alas. Not here, not today. Since pictures are pretty much the point of show notes, I will try again in the morning. I know with family arriving in about an hour you might think I'll blow it off. I'll keep trying for pictures every day until it works.

Hopefully, show notes soon!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Hey everyone, here are the show notes from episodes 13 and 14. Sorry they took so long!

First off, last week I spoke about knitting I have seen on tv recently. For some truly inspired knitting check out the 1991 show Dinosaurs. I also spoke a bit about where I would like to see some knitting in entertainment.

I knit a Watermelon hat, based off of the hat knit by the Yarn Harlot recently. I’m having a bit of trouble with the seeds, I don’t want to leave a string going through the inside of the hat, but I’m not sure how else to do the double stitching.

I finished my World Cup Knitting. I had knit the Fuzzy Reception Cardigan designed by Joanna Sieff and available through I ran out of the Merino Style wool before I could do the button band, so I’m going to look for a clasp of some sort.

Lastly I worked on a tank top for Joanna. I cast on and started knitting in the round. I’m not sure how I’ll do the straps, but I’ll figure it out.

Episode 13 Reviews

Spin Off summer 2006
Rating-Full stash box It is full of information, a variety of things. I’m not ready for all of it today, and some I’m not sure when I’ll get around to it, but full of possibilities

The Yarn Girls Guide To Kid Knits, patterns for babies and toddlers by Julie Carles and Jordana Jacobs

Rated-Bright colored stockinette sweater- simple enough to make, goes over big with the parents, but the kid cares more about what color.

The Imperfect Mom

Rated sweater knit on the wrong size needles that still keeps you warm.

In Episode 14, I finally talk about knitting in Okinawa. I have looked for Okinawa knitters, but alas I have found none. Since I have no tales of Japanese knitting, I shared my adventure as I searched for a yarn store.

I have nothing new to report on my needles. Since I finished my world cup knitting my focus has been on Joanna’s dancing girl quilt. I have 3 ½ squares left to finish before my mother gets here. I really want to finish before then, so I can have my mother’s help putting top, batting and bottom together.

Greetings From The Knit Café by Suzan Mischer

Rated-Handspun silk and cashmere socks. You might not need them, but who wouldn’t want them?

Songs for episode 14 were provided by my lovely daughter Joanna. She has desperately wanted to help with this podcast, and was thrilled at such a fun contribution.

I've been having trouble with links lately, so I am sorry to not have any today!

Thank you everyone for waiting on Episode 13 notes!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Hey happy knitters.

I just finished the show notes for episode 13. They were glorious, I swear. Wonderful pictures, links to fascinating bits of information and what could have possibly been the meaning of life.

You might notice it's not here.

After an hour's work writing the show notes and creating the links, the post disappeared into the void known as "Evil Computer Glitches." I spent another half hour trying to recover or rewrite the post and it didn't work. I couldn't even get pictures to load. Here is were I have decided I accidentally posted the meaning of life. There is obviously a conspiracy to keep me from posting today's notes until after I have forgotten the meaning of life.

I will attempt show notes again tomorrow. Happy 4th of July to all Americans, Happy late Canada day to all of you Canadians, and if you're not covered in one of those have a great day anyways.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hey everyone! I had a great week, and this show isn't out too late. I'm working through some personal issues right now, so things don't always happen when I intend them to. Nothing real big going on, I just don't handle stress well. What may seem simple to some is awful for me. I have also wanted to work on some knitcentric related projects, like my cafe press store.

Since I didn't want to talk about my father today I talked about the other men in my life. I talked about my wonderful husband Trent, and my six older, protective brothers.

On my needles I have my world cup sweater. I am rockin this sweater, I have half the back and both sleeves done. I think I needed a much harder project for a month long event.

I also have the project I am cheating on my world cup knitting with, a little baby sock. Congrats to my brother Ben and his wife Angelica. Thank you for giving me my first baby to knit for!

I also talked about the three yarns I dyed last week. I loved the blue-green one, even if it was't what I was trying for. The orange and yellow one, I'm sure I'll find someone who loves it. The pink and blue one is destined for the dye bath.

I also talked about the gadgets I want, but do not need. I swear someday I will have a Niddy Noddy! I think I need to work harder to rationalize an electronic yardage counter.

Well, that's all. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Hey everyone!

I know I'm late, and if you noticed, I'm sorry. I've had a few issues lately, and I'm going to try to be on time this week.

Before we go any farther, I never did get a picture of this contest yarn up. This yarn is 880 yards of hand dyed lace weight merino wool. I think the color comes out okay, I had to take a couple of pictures to get a good color shot. This yarn will be given away in the next show to the person who can give me the best dumb advice. Tell me what advice you were given, that you already knew but needed to hear anyways.

This week I talked about my knitting in public. I mentioned somethings you might already be familiar with, The Stare, The Question, The Beg and The Brush Off. I did go off on a small male knitting tangent. If I offended anyone with my random thoughts, I really didn't mean to!

Off my needles I have the 'tank you very much' tank top from Yarn Girls Guide To Beyond the Basics. I also started spinning my first merino yarn, and picked out my World Cup Knitting Project. I'll have pictures next week, with my progress on both. I might put a picture of my tank top, but I probably won't be in it, I don't photograph well. I prefer to put the cute child on!

I reviewed The Yarn Girls Guide To Beyond The Basics, by Julie Carles and Jordana Jacobs. I was so tired I forgot to put an actual rating on this, but I did babble for quite a while about it. To remedy this, I will rate it now, with a rating of 100% Merino wool. Good quality, very versitile, and warm and snuggly. Of course 100% wool is not for everyone, and thigns can go wrong, but still very good.

Well, That's all for today. I'm hoping to get back on track this week, so I should have a father's day show out in a couple of days. I hope you don't get too tired of me right now!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Episode 10 You Spin Me Right Round

Hey everyone!

Sorry it took a little longer to get this weeks show out! I had a couple of issues to smooth over before I could post. I got temporary fix, so sadly it might happen again next month.

Thank you to everyone who left me comments last week. I love hearing from everyone! For those who asked, I do give a "pattern" for my s'mores socks in this weeks show.

Don't forget World Wide Knit In Public Day, June 10th. If you happen to be on the island I'll be knitting at the starbucks by the Jusco ferris wheel at around 11 am. I will be the frazzled american knitting and guzzling coffee with an impatient 4 year old. If you don't live on the island, find a knit together near you, and show your sticks!

This week I talked all about spinning. It wasn't the easiest thing I have ever learned, but I got some help from here and The Spindles. I found my fiber and spindle here.

On my spindle is my next mini skein. I used a dusty purple, a dusty pink and a purply maroon.

I haven't finished yet, but it's going now.

The winner of the frappr map drawing was Melissa from San Jose, Ca. Congratulations!!!

I also announced the next contest, which will get it's own special post in a couple of days. This next contest is for 880 yards of hand painted lace weight merino wool yarn. It is in light green and tan. I think it looks very natural, and pretty. To win this yarn, send me a message or post a comment with the best stupid advice you ever got, something you already knew, but needed to be reminded about. Make sure you pass on your wisdom before June 15th. You don't have long this time!

My reviews were more of a list of referances this week.

Spin it! by Lee Raven found hererecieved a rating of CD Spindle. It's great for a beginner, but if you want to get serious about spinning, you'll need to upgrade later.

Spin Off Magazine was rated with 2 lbs of merino wool roving. A lot of good quality stuff there, but a little intimidating to a beginner.

Spindlicty an online magazine was given 2 ounces of bright colored roving. Cheerful, fun and informative, without being scary.

The Spindles some wonderful people are the finest cashmere or the softest silk. They are a wonderful group and I am proud to be a part of them.

Thank you everyone! Until next time!